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Paul Stender, Builder and Driver

Paul Stender is the definition of adrenaline junkie! A native of Big Bend, Wisconsin, Paul grew up racing motorcycles and snowmobiles. He later made the jump into the big leagues and began racing Badger and USAC Midgets. He continued life in the fast lane when he became an Outlaw Sprint Car Driver but it didn’t stop there. After seeing a jet funny car race, Paul took speed to a whole other level when he decided to step into the outrageous world of jet cars. He raced his first jet vehicle in 1995, the Jazz Jet Funny Car at speeds of nearly 300 MPH. In his first full year of racing, Paul was honored with the prestigious Pro-Jet Rookie of the Year Award in 1997 and has been setting the jet world on fire ever since.  He is currently the top booking act in the industry today.

Paul has gone on to make international headlines with his jet powered creations, dazzling and amazing fans at air shows and motorsport events around the world. Paul has owned and built over 23 jet vehicles since 1995 including a self-designed jet beer truck, a jet semi truck, and the 400 MPH Dodge Ramjet.

Vehicles Paul has built and currently is racing include the School Time Jet Bus that reaches speeds near 367 MPH, the famous Port-O-Jet Outhouse, and a Jet Powered Humvee.  Paul and all his vehicles are currently licensed with the major drag racing sanctioning body.
These days, Paul Stender is as much of a star as the vehicles he builds. Paul and his vehicles have been featured in media including Discovery Channel, Discovery Channel Canada, Monster Garage, E!, Inside Edition, LA Times, Washington Post, BBC, Car and Driver, Fox Business, The Sun, CMT, Spike, MSNBC, Drudge Report, ESPN, Popular Science, The Soup, TV Asahi (Japan), Galileo (Germany), The Wall Street Journal, CBS Early Morning, CNN, E!, Bloomberg, CBS National News, NBC National News, Fox National News, Fox and Friends, TLC, Ripley’s Believe It or Not (Print Editions 2010 and 2011) and many more.

Paul’s crew chief is his wife, Therese Stender.  Paul and Therese travel together to 30 events a year with their Great Danes, Saber and Atlas.
Paul’s next goal is beating the land speed record. He is in the process of converting a Cold War era Russian fighter jet into a land speed car that will reach speeds of 800 MPH.

Therese Stender, Crew Chief

Therese Stender is crew chief to Paul Stender, her husband and extreme racer.  As crew chief, she travels extensively as a performer and is part of the Indy Boy’s Motorsports Entertainment Racing Team, whose jet powered vehicles are featured in air shows, racing events, television, and other entertainment events in the United States and worldwide.

Therese, a very athletic 6’3” blond began a college sports career playing both volleyball and sailing. After completing a marketing degree from Indiana University, Therese worked in Indianapolis, Indiana. Later, she came on tour with Stender and has enjoyed traveling along with their two Great Danes.  Therese has completed her third full tour with Stender.
Therese has been featured along with the team in media including Discovery Channel, Discovery Channel Canada, Galileo (Germany), CBS National News, Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, and many more.



Paul Stender and Crew

Paul Stender and Crew

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